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Port House - Antwerp, Belgium

Renovation and construction of a new Port House

Main contractor: Interbuild
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Client: Port of Antwerp
Charleroi hospital

Grand Hôpital de Charleroi - Charleroi, Belgium

This new hospital is an integrated, inclusive and innovative health campus on the "Viviers" site.

Main contractor: COSEP
Architect: Association VK & Réservoir A

VAC Gent - Ghent, Belgium

Design and construction of a governmental building next to Gent Sint-Pieters Station

Main contractor: Interbuild / THV VAC Gent
Architect: Poponcini & Lootens ir. architecten bvba
Client: Vlaamse overheid / Vlaams administratief centrum

Hinckley Leisure Centre - Hinckley, UK

Design, construction and operation of Hinckley’s new Leisure Centre

Main contractor: Pellikaan
Architect: Roberts Limbrick Architects

Vital Resort Oversum Winterberg - Winterberg, Germany

Construction of a multifunctional resort

Main contractor:n Pellikaa
Architect: FormA Architekten

Asscherkwartier Amsterdam - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Renovation and construction of a theatre, apartments and a hotel

Main contractor: Kondor Wessels Amsterdam B.V
Architect: Vera Yanovshtchinsky Architecten B.V. and Villanova architecten

Docks Bruxsel - Brussels, Belgium

Design and construction of a shopping district that guarantees a unique urban experience

Main contractor: BPC-BESIX
Architect: ART & BUILD
Client: NEG S.A.
Project management: Abssis

oHase - Hasselt, Belgium

Design and construction of a residential area.

Main contractor: Building Group Jansen
Architect: A2O architecten

Rinkkaai - Ghent, Belgium

Development of a new neighborhood with 3OO residential units. Six buildings will be implanted in a green area, with space for stores and services.

Client: Cores Development & Alides

Waalkoppel Bridge - The Netherlands

In order to extend the A50 highway between Ewijk and Vaksburg, a new bridge was build.

Main contractor: Mobilis (TBI infra), Van Gelder, Dywidag Int.
Architect: Quist Wintermans Architecten
Client: Rijkswaterstaat

A11 - Bruges, Belgium

Construction of the highway between N31 Bruges, and N49 Knokke-Heist

Main contractor: THV Via Brugge EPC
Architect: Zwarts & Jansma Sweco Schlaich Bergermann Partner
Client: Vlaams Gewest, Department Wegen en Verkeer

De Chocoladefabriek - Tongeren, Belgium

Construction of apartments in an old chocolate factory.

Main contractor: Building Group Jansen / Renotec
Architect: A20 Architecten

AP Hogeschool Campus Spoor Noord - Antwerp, Belgium

Main contractor: Interbuild
Architect: Poponcini & Lootens ir. architecten bvba in consolidation with Jaspers – Eyers Architects bvba
Client: AP Hogeschool Antwerpen

UCO-site - Ghent, Belgium

Redevelopment of the UCO-site into a socio-economic park.

Main contractor: Verelst
Architect: TRANS Stedenbouw & Architectuur
Client: SEC Gent vzw
Project management: A-RES

Jules Bordet Institut - Brussels, Belgium

Design and construction of a new oncology hospital

Main contractor: THV CFE / Louis De Waele / CIT Blaton
Architect: Brunet Saunier Architectes / Archi 2000
Client: Institute Jules Bordet
Project management: THV AAMR: A-RES / ADVISERS / M&R Engineering

Waalse Krook - Ghent, Belgium

Urban renewal project for the municipal library and the centre for new media

Main contractor: Antwerpse Bouwwerken
Architect: Coussee & Goris, RCR Pigem Vilalta
Client: CVBA Waalse Krook: Stad Gent / Universiteit Gent / Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen / Iminds
Project management: THV A-RES / ADVISERS

West - Hasselt, Belgium

A new trendy residential area for young families, hipsters and hedonists

Main contractor: THV Hooybers-Vanderstraeten
Architect: Mortelmans
Client: Cores Development

ZNA Cadix - Antwerp, Belgium

Design and construction of a new hospital

Main contractor: Interbuild
Architect: VK Studio i.s.m. Robbrecht & Daem architecten
Client: Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen vzw