BricsCAD provides architects with a CAD alternative to create 2D drawings faster, which is expandable to CAD-based BIM. Build models from point clouds or create new designs in 3D with automated 2D documentation in a single, familiar DWG-based environment.

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Design documentation

Capture and document your designs in 2D

Take your new architectural designs from concept to 2D plans faster in a familiar CAD interface and coordinate seamlessly with stakeholders in DWG format. Enjoy the higher productivity at a lower cost of ownership.

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A single platform for 2D, 3D designs, and BIM

Architects have the flexibility to create high-quality drawings in 2D and access BIM capabilities, as needed, in the same CAD product, without the need to install or learn a completely new system.

Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM

Architects can start their renovation projects with a point cloud scan of the existing conditions and enjoy fast and flexible modeling, AI automation, and high-performance working with all the common point-cloud formats natively in the software.

Parametric Design

Parametric design

Create complex designs and explore parametric variations with Grasshopper, the industry-leading solution for algorithmic design natively available in BricsCAD BIM.

Design presentation

Design presentation

Create stunning client presentations of your design at every phase of the project lifecycle with BricsCAD and our industry leading partners.

A single CAD platform for 2D, 3D design, and BIM

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The architectural drawing has been the main medium of our profession for quite a long time and BricsCAD is our tool of choice to make these drawings. Meanwhile, a 3D model has become more and more important ... and BricsCAD's BIM capabilities come in when a design is realized, and we need a precise and exchangeable IFC-Model.

Steffen Lemmerzahl, Partner at SLIK Architekten

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