Surveyors can reduce costs, drive project efficiency, and maximize their revenue with BricsCAD Pro. Our professional CAD platform comes with intelligent tools that can accelerate your point cloud workflow needs, while our partner apps provide advance survey features.

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Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM

Intelligent tools can turn a point cloud into an accurate 3D model.

Card Image - Scan to TIN

Scan to TIN

Import large point clouds into BricsCAD and use our tools to filter unnecessary points to create a workable TIN Surface.

Total Station Site Survey to CAD Deliverable

Total station site survey to CAD deliverable

Create an accurate CAD deliverable using BricsCAD Pro and KeyTERRA-FIRMA. This combination provides an easy and powerful way to import site survey data.

Scan to Plan

Scan to plan

Quickly document 2D floor plans from point clouds.

 Construction Layout Cloud Collaboration

Construction layout: cloud collaboration

Seamlessly connect the field and office for construction layout workflows. Exchange data such as points lists, drawings and models with Bricsys 24/7 cloud solution.

Surveyors improve productivity

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We are highly satisfied with the functionality and versatility of BricsCAD. We generate all our survey plans with the software. BricsCAD allowed us to improve productivity, with our Geosi extension, to an unprecedented level.

Mr. Klaus Legat, Head of the Aerial Surveying Department

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